Mixed Reality Living Spaces

“Mixed Reality Living Spaces” starts with a dystopian premise: In a possible future… Urban development will force us to live in minuscule windowless apartments.

When the time comes that we have to live in 100 ft² (~9.3m²) apartments, our living spaces will have to shift according to our most current needs. Digital technologies will allow us to immerse in different spaces within the same environment, providing a relief from the sensation of confinement. Through digital augmentation, each person will live in a space that is presented in several different forms throughout a normal day: a bedroom, an office, a library, a dining room… and many more.

The content from the walls are a mixture of photography, vector art, video and computer graphics. The software that coordinates the computer vision detection and wall transitions was developed in openFrameworks.

This project was featured in several high-profile tech news sources: Curbed, Vice Motherboard, Fast Co.Exist, Mail Online, The Verge, PSFK, Gizmodo, Design Taxi, Design Faves and many others.