Natura Branding

When I was working for Cravo Ofício in 2010, the company was commissioned to develop a brand new language for Natura — a project that defines the aesthetic that guides and inspires the expressions of its main brand and sub-brands. That is, new styles of photography, text, typography, color, audio, video and graphic compositions of the universe of Natura.

An interesting aspect of this project is that Natura was having problems with brand management, as their business model relied in direct sales, with about 800.000 registered salespeople.These salespeople would rely on their own creativity, and develop items in manners and colors they saw fit, such as gift bags, custom packages etc.

For the development of the new language, the team at Cravo Oficio developed brand items to embrace this creativity, instead of discouraging it. With new directive manuals, coupled with stamps, laces and stickers, it became easy for Natura to guarantee consistency in their brand throughout Brazil taking costs away from their collaborators as well as from the corporation itself.










Team: Lilian Raco, Vivian Mayrink, Patricia Clarkson, Eduarda Paternot, Ana Costa, Bernardo Schorr, Luiza Borja, Lauro Machado, Dalcácio Reis, Daniel Pinheiro, Renata Freeland, Rodrigo Borges, Lucas Duque.